Workshop: Next steps for the Lewes Pound

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Event: October 6th 2014, Lewes, UK

Next month the New Economics Foundation will host a workshop in Lewes for SMEs and residents keen to bolster their local economy.

As part of the transnational Community Currencies in Action (CCIA) project, supported and co funded by the EU, the workshop will stimulate discussion and ideas on how independently run Lewes highstreet shops, cafes and pubs can come together to make the local economy more resilient to national and international financial uncertainties.

lewes poundThe Lewes Pound, in operation since 2008 is ready for a reboot. Having last month opened the first business account at the East Sussex Credit Union; it is set to integrate further into the Lewes community and embrace new ideas and technologies that will make it more useful for shoppers and traders.

Open to ideas of how it can develop, the workshop is a chance to get a range of key players in the room to think together about what the next steps should be.

Could it be to go digital with an app?

Both the Brixton and Bristol Pound have this summer launched a smartphone app allowing users to pay quickly and easily for goods and services via their phone – as well as being able to map the businesses that accept the local money and hear about events and special offers.


Event details:

The workshop will take place on the evening of October 6th 2014 – from 5.30-8.30pm. All welcome – from business owners, college students, local workers and interested residents.

Tom from the Brixton Pound will present on text-to-pay and engaging local SMEs
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