TradeQoin: Piter Mandemaker

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CCIA pilot currency the TradeQoin is a business-to-business trading schemes seeking to develop a strong network of local SMEs and boost members’ income.

Through Qoinware, an online system developed by Dutch social enterprise Qoin, participating businesses use TradeQoin to exchange goods and service. TradeQoin provides members with additional liquidity and members can also draw interest-free credit through the network.

According to a recent evaluation of CCIA projects, TradeQoin has been successful in connecting businesses that would not have been aware of one another without the currency.

This was echoed by Piter Mandemaker, a member of TradeQoin and owner of Mandemaker Suits, who said:

‘The biggest advantage of the TradeQoin network is that you can do business that would otherwise have been impossible.’

To find out more about TradeQoin, click here.


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