The impact of Spice time credits on the life of a primary school

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CCIA partner Spice runs time credit programmes with a range of partners, including thirty eight schools across England and Wales. Ms Ceri-Ann Gilbert, a teacher at Windsor Primary school, talks about the benefits. 

“Time Credits have been a fantastic incentive not only for our pupils to do that little bit extra but for our parents too. Parental engagement has been made so much easier now that they are getting that bit extra for giving up their time. We have parent volunteers for many activities, from gardening to admin tasks, chaperoning on school trips to literacy support. Having the parent volunteers frees up our Teaching Assistants so that they can do more tasks with the pupils which have a bigger impact on their learning.

“A group of pupils have spent their break and lunch times for the last few weeks making items to sell at our Christmas fayre. They then stayed behind after school for 2 hours on a Friday to run the stall selling the things they made. Not only are they proud of the fact that they’ve done this, but they are earning Time Credits towards a treat for themselves and their families – it has changed the ethos of the school!

“Time Credits have opened up so many more opportunities and possibilities for everyone at our school”

“I’m constantly being asked if I have anything that needs doing by both pupils and parents. Teachers are utilising volunteers to help out within the classroom environment now too. We recently had a group of adults in to help our Year 6 pupils with sewing, to make their own outfits for a set theme as part of their class topic. I can’t even imagine how long it would have taken thirty 10 and 11 year olds to complete the task without the extra help, or even if it would have been possible at all.

“Time Credits have opened up so many more opportunities and possibilities for everyone at our school. Thanks to Time Credits, we recently took a group of children and their parents to see their first ever ice hockey match. It was such an amazing experience, not just to see the Cardiff Devils win but to see the families thoroughly enjoying themselves together.

“I’m really excited to be participating in the planned father and son activities coming up too. One of my targets is to get more dads involved in school life and it is fantastic that Time Credits will play a huge part in this. We are looking at getting dads in to do some after-school reading sessions with their sons and then at the end of term take the whole group to see Cardiff City – all with the support of Time Credits!”

Read more about Spice’s time credit model here, or visit their website.



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