Brixton Pound Announce New Electronic Payment System for 2015

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The paper B£ will soon be joined by a new fully electronic system.

CCIA partners the Brixton Pound have announced that they will be launching new electronic payment technology in 2015. “Tap and Pay” will implement contactless payment terminals for B£ businesses and traders, making it faster and more convenient for users to pay in their local currency.

“Tap and Pay” will complement the existing paper currency and text-payment systems, encouraging more local spending and keeping money in the community. In developing their range of payment options, the B£ is at the forefront of a new generation of community currencies which are utilising technological innovations to create more prosperous, socially oriented and environmentally sustainable local economies.

“Tap and Pay” has been developed by the B£ through EU-funding provided by the CCIA project in line with the latter’s aims of designing, developing and implementing community currencies throughout North Western Europe.

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