Partner: Crédit Municipal de Nantes

CMN Nantes

Crédit Municipal de Nantes is a public financial institution offering credit, loans and mutual savings schemes to individuals and groups in city of Nantes, North West France. As well as offering financial services to those excluded from the mainstream banking sector, as a long established, publically owned enterprise with an economic and social mission, Crédit Municipal de Nantes plays a strategic role in improving the quality of life of the community it serves.

With the support of the intercommunal structure of the Nantes Métropole, the Crédit Municipal will be implementing the local currency pilot SoNantes across the Greater Nantes region. The Crédit Municipal will hold and manage the accounts of the SoNantes currency, process card payments, as well as acting as a garanteur overseeing the circulation of the new money.

A relative newcomer to the CCIA partnership having joined in June 2013, we are very proud to have the Crédit Municipal de Nantes on board.