“Money that Matters”: CCIA partners Makkie and Qoin gains media attention

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Good to see that two of our paMoney that matters  Column Qoin   Stadsleven   Maandelijkse talkshow met Tracy Metzrtners, Makkie and Qoin, are turning heads in the media. If you want to the full article (and if you speak Dutch), click here.

The Makkie is a time-based currency for the citizens of East Amsterdam. It aims to empower residents and address social exclusion and inequality. People earn Makkies by volunteering at local community projects, with one Makkie received for every hour given. Makkies can then be spent in a range of ways: at gyms, swimming pools and cinemas; on a subscription to the local library; or to receive discounts at local retailers.

Qoin is a Dutch not-for-profit organisation specialising in alternative currencies. As well as assisting partners in delivery their programmes, they run a currency themselves: the TradeQoin, a business-to-business currency boosting the SME economy.

To learn more about the Makkie, read a summary here.



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