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In June 2013 CCIA co-hosted the 2nd International Conference on Complementary Currency.

Over the three days, our partners Qoin carried out interviews with representatives from a range of community currency schemes, as well as speaking with academics and other practictioners to document some of the ideas and case studies being showcased at the conference.

1. Why are community currencies important, what could they mean for us, and what is CCIA? Leander Bindewald of the New Economics Foundation explains.


Taking place in The Hague the conference was the largest coming together of complementary currency practitioners, academics and local governement stakeholders. With a policy maker day dedicated to discussions on how currency innovations offer solutions to many of the pressing social and economic issues facing our communities in this time of austerity, the conference was a great success – drawing together a wealth of expertise and energy from the global community.

2. Edgar Kampers introduces Qoin, an organisation advising on the implementation of community currency systems.


3. Hugo Wanner explains the Belgian E-Portemonnee inniative, rewarding residents of the province of Limburg for environmentally sound behaviour.


4. Rob van Hilten, cofounder of Qoin, tells us how TradeQoin allows businesses trade with less impact to their balance sheets


5. Susan Steed, cofounder of CCIA observer the Brixton Pound, introduces the currency scheme and discusses its benefits for the community.


6. Ciaran Mundy from the Bristol Pound discusses economics as ecology, how money determines the way resources are shared in society.


7. Simon Woolf from Qoin on the importance of technological innovations in supporting new currencies.


8. Tony Greenham from the New Economics Foundation makes the case for community currencies.


A complete series of the videos can be found on the Qoin YouTube channel.


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