How do time credits make stronger communities?

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Early survey results from our community time-credit systems up and running in South Wales show some really positive impact. This data along with testimonials from participants will feed in to our ongoing work on evaluating the impact of community currencies, helping to build a comprehensive framework for measuring the impact of different currency models.

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It brings us closer together, brings us together as a team – a community team”


“Since I’ve started time credits, I’ve got more confidence. I am actually happier… Bringing up your kids is one thing, but doing something else with your life is another”

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Surveys that Spice have carried out show that over two thirds of those taking part believe that it has improved their quality of life, 45% feel less isolated, 64% feel more able to influence what their community is like and 63% feel more positive about their future. (This research will be published later in the year, sign up to our newsletter for updates.)

More on evaluation

  • Read our guide “No Small Change” that outlines how to carry out a ‘theory of change’ evaluation process for a community currency project.




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