Toolkit: ICT platform for community currencies

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Within the CCIA project, Qoin was responsible for developing the next generation of community currency software: QoinWare. The focus of this project was on creating an optimal user experience, using both web and smartphone interfaces. QoinWare is currently used by the CCIA pilot currencies TradeQoin, SoNantes and Brixton Pound.

The QoinWare packages as used for TradeQoin and Brixton Pound are available for download under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 3 here. Please note that additionally, no commercial use or exploitation of these packages is permitted at this time.

Please note that these are domain-specific implementations of the software which may not be suitable for general use. Qoin is currently developing a more generic version of the Qoinware plaform which will be available towards the end of 2015. Please contact Qoin for more details.

TradeQoin website screen grabQoinWare is configured to run in tandem with a Cyclos 3.7, which can be downloaded here.  Together they pose a versatile system, dedicated to monetary currency management with banking grade security. Currency models in the economic, social and sustainability domains are supported.

Qoin has extensive expertise in customizing, implementing and ongoing hosting and support. They can also provide trainings and manuals for local administrators and program management.

Get in touch with Qoin for questions on ICT platforms for community currencies.

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