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CCIA Closing Conference: book a place for Brussels, 19th May

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As the CCIA project draws to a close, we will be hosting a major conference in Brussels on 19th May. Drawing on our research since 2011 and involving a range of international partners and experts, the conference will address the design, development and delivery of community currencies. We will also use the event to launch   …Continue Reading

Lessons from 20 years of Business-to-Business Currencies

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Rob van Hilten from our Partner Qoin and Lotte Boonstra from our observer institution Erasmus University Rotterdam report on their findings during a trip to 5 pertinent business-to-business currency organisations in the USA earlier this year. They brought home some very intersting findings about the next generation of these currency operators: Cooperative Barter. This was   …Continue Reading

Community Currency Implementation Framework

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This Community Currency Implementation Framework (previously reffered to as “Community Currency Design Framework”) is a process guide to setting up, operating and improving community currencies, representing the combined experience of Qoin, Spice and nef. This framework is also the basis to our hand book “People Powered Money – designing, developing and delivering community currencies” a   …Continue Reading

Toolkit: ICT platform for community currencies

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Within the CCIA project, Qoin was responsible for developing the next generation of community currency software: QoinWare. The focus of this project was on creating an optimal user experience, using both web and smartphone interfaces. QoinWare is currently used by the CCIA pilot currencies TradeQoin, SoNantes and Brixton Pound. The QoinWare packages as used for TradeQoin and   …Continue Reading

London Borough of Lambeth CCIA Conference

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CCIA partners Lambeth Council and the Brixton Pound are hosting a conference on 24 April, 2015, at the Black Cultural Archives in Brixton. Speaking about what the event will cover, Lambeth Council said: “Launched at Lambeth Town Hall in September 2009, the Brixton Pound has always been more than just a currency; we know that while   …Continue Reading

CCIA gains media attention

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CCIA gets a mention in this short article on some of the benefits of complementary currencies. To read more, click here.

CCIA partner SoNantes holds conference

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  The initiative to launch a community currency, SoNantes, for the French city of Nantes is holding a conference at the Renaissance hotel in Brussels (19 rue du Parnasse) on 23 February 2015. The conference, ‘A community currency to boost the local economy: SoNantes, what is the role of local public services’, will celebrate the   …Continue Reading

CCIA launches online database of community currencies

Posted on launches today – an online database of complementary currencies outlining the origins, aims, vocabulary and functions of both high-profile and lesser-known projects in the growing world of currency design. The site is written in five languages (English, Dutch, French, German and Spanish) and brings together articles on the full range of existing models   …Continue Reading

SoNantes Announces Launch

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  The SoNantes community currency for the French city of Nantes will be launched in the spring of this year. The launch follows the completion of consultations with the Banque de France in December, 2014. The currency, which will run alongside the euro, is open to both businesses and the general public. It is a result   …Continue Reading

The impact of Spice time credits on the life of a primary school

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CCIA partner Spice runs time credit programmes with a range of partners, including thirty eight schools across England and Wales. Ms Ceri-Ann Gilbert, a teacher at Windsor Primary school, talks about the benefits.  “Time Credits have been a fantastic incentive not only for our pupils to do that little bit extra but for our parents too.   …Continue Reading