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CCIA will launch a comprehensive multilingual gateway to online resources, literature and the distributed knowledge on Community Currencies. First, this will focus on the North West Europe region, seeking to cover and stay up to date on all issues and initiatives in community currencies, but our efforts are designed for global coverage, collective ownership and broad contributions on the mid and long term. This new platform will offer distinct introductory portals for practitioners, academics and policy-makers and include video and audio content. This will be one of the legacy outputs of CCIA, with our partners providing stewardship and support beyond the lifetime of CCIA. After the end of the CCIA project, ownership and governance of the platform will be transferred to a consortium of accredited authors, contributors and “sustainers”.

We are currently collaborating with the pertinent existing providers of comprehensive information on the topic, like Stephen DeMeullenaere, Rolf Schroeder, Ludwig Schuster, Tim Anderson, and Stephanie Rearick.

Our first and genuine development will be the establishment of an wikipedia like collection on all aspects of community currencies, peer-curated and open to contributions.

Until this will go live, on the URL,  here is a selections of existing websites and platforms already providing a variety of resources:


In English:

The Complementary Currency Resource Center, run by Stephen DeMeulenaere

The International Journal of Community Currency Research

A academic database of all CC-related literature and publications

Grassroots Innovation Research Project, run by Gill Seyfang and Adrian Smith of the University of East Anglia

The Knowledge Center of our CCIA partner Qoin

The personal website of our CCIA observer and supporter Bernard Lietaer

A platform to document and share the practical learning on community-economic initiatives


In Dutch:

The Knowledge Center of our CCIA partner Qoin

The website of the Social Trade Organization, the most senior organization in community currency

The Muntuit website, run by our CCIA sub-partner FairFin


In French:

The Taoa Project: “There Are Other Alternatives”

The comprehensive platform for local and complementary currencies, MLC


In German:

The Regiogeld Association, representing many of the currency initiatives in Germany

The Money Network Alliance, launched by Margrit Kennedy

A curated and media feed: