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SOnantes conf


The initiative to launch a community currency, SoNantes, for the French city of Nantes is holding a conference at the
Renaissance hotel in Brussels (19 rue du Parnasse) on 23 February 2015. The conference, ‘A community currency to
boost the local economy: SoNantes, what is the role of local public services’, will celebrate the new currency that is set to be launched this spring.

Pascal Bolo, first deputy mayor of Nantes in charge of finance, the vice-president of Nantes Métrople, vice-president of Crédit Municipal de Nantes, the president of SEMITAN, the president of CEEP France and Jacques Stern, CEO of Crédit Municipal de Nantes, are scheduled to attend. The event will run from 5.30 to 7.00 pm (doors open at 5 pm) and will be followed by a buffet dinner.

To register, email To register, email [email protected] before 19 February.

The currency, which will run alongside the euro, is open to both businesses and the general public. It is a result of a
European Union Interreg IV project, Community Currencies in Action (CCIA)*, which brought together the city of Nantes, Nantes Métropole, Crédit Municipal de Nantes**, CMA, CCI and CRESS. Financed under the European Regional Development Fund, Interreg is an initiative that is boosting cooperation among regions in the EU.

The introduction of the new, all digital currency is expected to reduce the attached costs of buying goods and services in the area, help maximise profit margins, aid the development of local enterprise networks and promote sustainable
development. The value of the SoNantes will be pinned to the euro.


Jacques Stern, director of Crédit Municipal de Nantes:

“SoNantes is not intended as a replacement for the euro. It is a means of exchanging goods and services that will play a significant role in supporting the sustainable development of the local economy.”

* CCIA is a transnational partnership project designing, developing and implementing community currencies across
northwest Europe. The partnership provides a rigorously tested package of support structures to facilitate the
development of currency initiatives across NWE, promoting them as credible policy vehicles. Find out more:

** Crédit Municipal de Nantes is a public financial institution offering credit, loans and mutual savings schemes to
individuals and groups in the city of Nantes, northwest France. As well as offering financial services to those excluded from the mainstream banking sector, as a long-established, publically owned enterprise with an economic and social mission:


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