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YourPound  Meet the User – Paul   The Brixton Pound
Using a local currency is a great way to be support local businesses and develop a sense of community. Paul shares his experience of using the Brixton Pound: 

“When I was a kid living in Catford, my Dad knew every greengrocer, butcher and baker by name. As I grew up, many local shops closed; supermarkets took over, offering cheaper goods in a charmless, impersonal environment.

“I want to return to knowing the shopkeeper. I want my kids to know the people working in their neighbourhood. I want to back local independent business where I can.”

As well as giving direct economic support to SMEs, using the Brixton Pound recreates something of the sense of personal connection which Paul misses from his childhood:

“The Brixton Pound is a calling card. To a trader it says that I’m local and likely to be back. Paying by text means they may get to know me by name. I meet fascinating and wonderful people in Brixton through B£e: Imran at Elephant, Adrian at Studio 73, Nicholas at Salon, Giovanni at LABG, Dorian the Barber, Yinka the Osteopath, Dave the Wine…

“I’m proudly Brixtonian. I’m proud that Brixton has a currency that businesses and residents can use to keep money in Brixton. And, as this town becomes ever busier, it’s nice to know and be known by the people I buy from.”

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