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B£ Francis
When he’s not touring, Brixton resident and jazz saxophonist Francis Walden uses the Brixton Pound to support his local economy. 

He first started using Brixton Pounds two years ago. As Francis remembers:

“it was when you gave 10% extra with each top up… I bought £200’s worth in early December and was just running out on New Years Eve. We were playing a gig in the countryside somewhere, going on stage at 11:30pm, and I remembered – I have to buy more B£s before midnight!

So I ran outside into a field, frantically looking for signal to top-up my account and get the free 10%! Once you top up it doesn’t feel like you’re spending money, more like I’m getting free stuff – it’s clever. And I still get 10% off at Market Row Wines!”

Francis spends most of his B£ indulging his appetite at the local market, although he saves some for his Christmas shopping too. As well as giving him discounts on local products, using B£ also makes Francis feel more connected to the community:

“It feels like a social experience. With B£s, I feel very smug: I belong here, I’m local because I’ve got local currency”.

For more about Francis and other B£ users, click here.








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