Partner: Borough of Lambeth, United Kingdom

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Lambeth Council is the local authority for the London Borough of Lambeth, Greater London. It is one of 32 London boroughs and one of 14 local authorities which make up Inner London.  It measures seven miles north to south, and about two and a half miles east to west. It is one of the most densely populated inner London boroughs, with a population of around 270,000.

Lambeth is made up of 21 wards but has many neighbourhoods and ‘urban villages’, including Brixton (home of the Brixton Pound, the UK’s first urban community currency), Herne Hill, Vauxhall, and West Norwood.

Lambeth Council is currently transitioning the way that it works with people, and is becoming Britain’s first Cooperative Council. This means that the Council will work with local people to design, manage, and deliver services together, to ensure that services and plans are more relevant and useful to everyone. The CCIA Programme is part of this co-operative effort – we are working with local people to design and create a relevant community currency that will be handed over to the community at the end of the CCIA programme, and we are working inside the Council to change the way we engage with the local community when we purchase goods and services.