Partner: Amsterdam Oost, The Netherlands


City of Amsterdam District of Oost (East) combines former districts Zeeburg and Oost-Watergraafsmeer as of 1 May 2010. The size of the new district is 31 km2 and is home to approximately 112,000 residents.

The major neighbourhoods of Amsterdam East are undergoing distinct changes. There has been a concerted effort by government to increase investment in soBdnlVWRCAAA8cIm.jpg largecial, urban and economic issues, particularly in the Indische Buurt, the neighbourhood in which the CCIA pilot currency Makkie currently operates. Amsterdam East is a vibrant multicultural area in a process of regeneration.

There is relatively more social housing and unemployment here than in other parts of the city but there is a sense of moving forward. For example, the outdoor Roots Festival in Oosterpark sees tens of thousands of people from 150 nations coming together every year.